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Birth control is a very personal topic that deserves careful consideration. Suncoast Women’s Care in Trinity, Florida & Tampa, Florida, is run by women, for women, and Wanda Torres, MD, FACOG, and the skilled team of providers are dedicated to educating women about their choices for contraception and providing an individualized approach to family planning. If you’re interested in birth control, you can schedule a confidential consultation by calling the office, or making an appointment online.

Contraception Q & A

What are my options for contraception?

Contraception, or birth control, is an action that an individual chooses to take to prevent a man’s sperm from fertilizing a woman’s ova, or egg, during sexual intercourse. Some types of contraception can also prevent the transmission of many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

When considering methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, there are many factors for women to consider. Understanding the options available is the first step toward making an informed choice that best suits your individual needs.

Contraceptive methods fall into three general categories:

Barrier methods

Barrier contraception works by physically preventing sperm from reaching your eggs. Barrier devices include:

  • Condoms
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Vaginal ring
  • Cervical cap
  • Diaphragm
  • Sponge

The use of condoms not only prevents pregnancy but also helps prevent infection from STDs. Contraceptive surgeries such as tubal ligation or vasectomy are also considered barrier methods.

Hormonal birth control

Hormonal birth control involves medication that contains progesterone and other hormones like estrogen that regulate ovulation, which is the process your body goes through to release an egg from your ovaries. Delivery of hormonal birth control can occur in a number of ways, including:

  • Oral contraceptives (birth control pills)
  • Hormonal implant devices that release hormones beneath the skin
  • Hormonal injections
  • External skin patches

Some types of birth control utilize both hormonal and barrier methods, such as an IUD that releases hormones into the uterus or a vaginal ring that releases hormones into the vagina.

Natural birth control

Natural birth control relies entirely on the actions of women and their partners to prevent fertilization. Examples of natural contraception include:

  • Abstinence
  • Pull-out method
  • Fertility awareness, also called ovulation tracking

Natural methods are used successfully by many couples, but in general, they aren’t as effective at preventing pregnancy as hormonal or barrier contraception.

How can I determine which birth control method is right for me?

There is a wide range of factors to consider when choosing a birth control method. A confidential consultation with a member of the caring professional team at Suncoast Women’s Care can help you learn more about your options and address all of your concerns and questions. The team strives to empower women to make the best possible choice to meet their individual health needs and family planning goals.

To schedule a confidential birth control consultation, call Suncoast Women’s Care today, or book an appointment online.